Alpaca Love: The Treasure of the Andes

A herd of alpaca grazing peacefully

Everyone knows Alpaca products are soft and people love them because of how they feel. Alpacas wear an incredibly soft fleece that is known to be strong, yet surprisingly lightweight. What a lot of people don’t know is that its fibres are considered to be some of the most environmentally friendly in world’s textile industry today.

Alpaca Sustainability 101

Alpacas themselves also don’t leave much of a footprint. Literally. Their hooves are gently padded so they cause minor impact on the ground as they walk in comparison to other grazing animals. They are very well suited to their native environment, meaning they can thrive in the harsh conditions of the high altitudes they live in. They are bred exclusively for fiber production and are not harmed at all during shearing. Alpaca farms can thrive with minimal effects on their environment.

The Fibers

In comparison to llamas, their fibers are softer and more delicate. In contrast to sheep, they produce more wool. Their fibres are completely hollow and that gives them a higher thermal insulation capacity which in turn provides more warmth than sheep’s wool.

Alpaca outperforms many other high-quality fibers in warmth, sheen and feel. Alpaca fibers are stronger, better insulated, and feel softer and lighter than other wool fibers. It has some water resistant properties and absorbs little moisture from its surroundings. If it is cared for correctly, it won’t shrink or pill.

Why Alpaca?

Another reason to buy alpaca products is because it supports an integral industry in South America. The Andes have a diverse textile heritage and are rich in lineages of alpaca farmers. It in an important part of these economies and it accounts for the livelihood of breeders, caretakers, sorters, spinners and knitters. We make it a priority to work exclusively family owned businesses because we believe in supporting local communities. By purchasing an alpaca product from us, you are directly contributing to the people whose lives depend on this fiber. This is precisely why it is called the treasure of the Andes.

Our Story

Woman lounging on couch with an alpaca blanket

We love alpaca and this is why we chose it to be an important part of our story. All our products are alpaca blend which means you can wash our items in the washing machine. The blends are incredibly easy to care for, and most importantly, they won’t break the bank. Don’t be fooled, you won’t find a hundred percent alpaca for these prices.

In addition, all of our blankets, throws and shawls come with native inspired motifs and designs. Some are hand designed by us and then made digital by our team in Ecuador. Our intention is that by combining this fiber with traditional motifs gives the wearer the opportunity to be transported to a magical place far away. Owning a Soulcrafts alpaca blanket or wearing one of our shawls feels like having a little piece of the world’s hidden treasures with you while feeling cozy in your own home.